[laba] LAB Advanced - fast online e-learning authoring tool

July 09, 2018 0 Comments

LAB Advanced takes e-learning authoring to a new level. With our online authoring tool you can start creating content wherever you are with no software to download.

Multiple authors can login to collaborate on the same projects, share resources like images and videos in our libraries and use clever features such as the smart clipboard to copy entire pages between your e-learning projects.

Themes and logos allow you to build a consistent design template for your courses and interaction templates make your e-learning more engaging for your users.

A wide range of layouts, template and questions make it easy to build scenarios for decision making and knowledge management. LAB Advanced creates mobile-ready HTML output that works on any desktop or mobile device and benefits from our integrated video streaming system.

Start your free trial now to get your hands on an authoring tool that gives you creative power.