[vip] Virtual Induction Passport ® (VIP) - eLearning system for Doctors

July 10, 2018 0 Comments

The Virtual Induction Passport ® or VIP is a new innovative system hosted by learnPro which is specifically designed to map out mandatory pathways of learning for doctors within the UK and Ireland. It is the result of a cross-border agreement between the Medical Education Directorates in NHS Borders, NHS Fife and NHS Lothian.

Pathway content is selected to focus on areas relevant to clinical staff. This reduces the time doctors are out of service. Modules have been re-developed by subject experts to be generic for use in each board / trust, and includes contextualised video scenarios for doctors.

Learning is split into timescales for easy management; each timeframe alerts the user when courses are due, with non-completions being flagged for supervisor action. The VIP system is backed up with a series of powerful administrative tools that make it easy to check on the compliance rates which are broken down by grade, specialty or location.