[streamv] What is the best solution for adding video to e-learning modules?

July 11, 2018 0 Comments

Creating e-learning with video is simple with the right tools.

A popular technique used by authoring packages is to add your video files to the finished SCORM file once you have created your module.

This increases the size of your module creating transfer issues and causing loading delays when the user launches the module as their web browser downloads the content.

Coupled with a busy organisation with lots of employees accessing materials at the same time and this can create network performance problems.

The solution is to stream your media files into your module on demand, especially as e-learning becomes more media rich with videos for simulations, scenarios and gamification.

StreamV takes all of the hassle out of managing your media. Simply upload your file and get on with creating your module. Your video will be automatically encoded using the latest adaptive streaming technologies in minutes. This means consistent quality for your users no matter the device or bandwidth limitations.

StreamV also gives you the tools to manage your media library to easily upload, store and use your videos in any e-learning project.

Add video to LAB Advanced in seconds with seamless integration. Also add to Adobe Captivate or Articulate using our customisable embedded video player or links.

Try StreamV for free to see how our easy streaming solution can work for you.