[app] Home Fire Safety Referral App Making it Safer for Care Workers in Homes

August 15, 2019 0 Comments

The Scottish Fire Service Home Fire Safety App Created in Platforms

The Scottish FRS created the Home Fire Safety App to support Care Workers going into homes. They created a course first of all and now share this across the Care Sector in Scotland and at the end of the elearning course they offer the App.

The Home Fire Safety App comes with clear information about the risks and a decision tree which takes the care work worker through a decision process when in a home and decision points. The App encourages referral to the Scottish FRS. They have had more than 400 downloads of the App

This was easy to create in the Platforms App Authoring system and make available through the Platforms App to the public without having to create and App from scratch. They also added their videos via our stream V system



for more information or a demo email info@learnpro.co.uk