[app] COVID-19 APP - Care of Suspected & Confirmed COVID-19 Patients Guidance App Released by an NHS Board

March 27, 2020 0 Comments

The NHS have created and published a new learnPro Platforms App as an Aide Memoir and Guidance for COVID-19 safety

All key resources and procedures are on the learnPro Platforms App covering Transmission, Organisational Preparedness, Infection and Prevention Procedures, Standard Infection Control Precautions, Aerosol Generated Procedures (AGPs), Obtaining COVID-19 sample, Transfer of Patients, Visitors, Discharge, Key Contacts, Reference and useful links

Understanding Respiratory Care and Assessment is key to being able to deliver effective help at the patient point of contact.

Faced with situations that are unfolding daily, the App instantly provides guidance and decision making within the patient environment. It also updates you with new critical messages and shows key videos without the need to login to a computer. The authors in the NHS can update the App immediately through access to the  Platforms App authoring tool. It is an aide memoire that signposts to fuller national and local resources that can be updated quickly to respond to the latest situation. 

One NHS Board created the App over a 2 day period providing frontline staff with guidance and news about COVID-19.

If you want to share the COVID App and you are within an NHS Trust setting get in touch by clicking enquiry on link  www.platformsapp.com

Download and login to the app

Download on the App SotreGet it on Google Play

Colour coded topics for easy guidance to material

Pictures, Procedures and video guidance on appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for every scenario.

Guidance on hand hygiene and handwashing techniques.

Detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP'S) covering multiple topics.

Frequent Updates and announcements