[laba] Working together to create and author elearning for the Health Service, Care and Emergency Service

Working remotely so you can continue to create great e-learning content

In these unprecedented times, we find ourselves being asked to remote work from the comfort of our own homes without being at all prepared. This is definitely true when trying to continue creating good eLearning material alongside your team of professional staff and subject matter experts without the correct tools to do so. There is an array of authoring software available on the market today but if you use software systems such as Articulate, Captivate or Lectora on your desktop at work, how are you expected to create anything new, and access existing eLearning material without having remote access to your work computer? It would seem next to impossible, unless your IT department were prepared and had setup access to all your material online. You can of course download a version of your authoring tool onto your home laptop or computer, but that doesn't solve the problem of getting access to the files you need. So it doesn't just end there. How do you get easy access to these files, and continue to manage different versions of my modules, at the same time as trying to get sign off from the right people?

As one potential customer said to us, "we are being asked to think outside the box" and when asked why said, "...because we have installation of Captivate on our PC's we now can't access at home".

So what are the options right now. One is our new online authoring system, LAB Advanced. Our system allows everyone to work together online as a team and continue to create good eLearning content. It's simple and easy to use with a selection of 'How To' videos available on our YouTube channel (learnPro YouTube Channel). All you need is your written material (PowerPoint, Word), and you can quickly turn that into an engaging, responsive eLearning course available on all desktop and mobile devices.

You will also get access to video streaming software, StreamV to manage all your video content and easily add these to your courses. StreamV encodes your video to stream in government type networks with high and low bandwidth. For more information please visit:

We have seen an increase in the creation of COVID-19 related courses with tutorial videos to instruct nurses on how to use different types of ventilators, and these courses are shared within our Course Catalogue.

LAB Advanced and StreamV are part of our authoring suite and sit within the Package Manager. Package Manager is an online area designed to build, manage and distribute all your eLearning courses and assessments, alongside the ability to share content with other similar organisations.

We built this to let the NHS work together with Social Care, Fire and Council sectors. The results have been amazing with more collaboration and sharing of content than ever before.

You can contact us for help and advice via email or use our online chat where one of our advisors can talk you through any queries you might have.

The analytical dashboard (pictured below) lets you see instant snapshot of your organisations progress and status.

[app] COVID-19 APP - Care of Suspected & Confirmed COVID-19 Patients Guidance App Released by an NHS Board

The NHS have created and published a new learnPro Platforms App as an Aide Memoir and Guidance for COVID-19 safety

All key resources and procedures are on the learnPro Platforms App covering Transmission, Organisational Preparedness, Infection and Prevention Procedures, Standard Infection Control Precautions, Aerosol Generated Procedures (AGPs), Obtaining COVID-19 sample, Transfer of Patients, Visitors, Discharge, Key Contacts, Reference and useful links

Understanding Respiratory Care and Assessment is key to being able to deliver effective help at the patient point of contact.

Faced with situations that are unfolding daily, the App instantly provides guidance and decision making within the patient environment. It also updates you with new critical messages and shows key videos without the need to login to a computer. The authors in the NHS can update the App immediately through access to the  Platforms App authoring tool. It is an aide memoire that signposts to fuller national and local resources that can be updated quickly to respond to the latest situation. 

One NHS Board created the App over a 2 day period providing frontline staff with guidance and news about COVID-19.

If you want to share the COVID App and you are within an NHS Trust setting get in touch by clicking enquiry on link  www.platformsapp.com

Download and login to the app

Download on the App SotreGet it on Google Play

Colour coded topics for easy guidance to material

Pictures, Procedures and video guidance on appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for every scenario.

Guidance on hand hygiene and handwashing techniques.

Detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP'S) covering multiple topics.

Frequent Updates and announcements 

[streamv] Using Video for Gamification and Scenarios for any authoring tool

Add video to your e-learning to create much more engaging content. Unlock gamification and scenario based learning by streaming video across any device. Our video system is designed for close integration with e-learning authoring tools.


Our experience as e-learning developers has highlighted the importance of video as a key tool in e-learning. Modern online learning includes video scenarios and gamification which needs a robust video system to support it.

Developers need to be able to quickly upload and add video to pages without spending time converting and editing. Our software is designed to seamlessly integrate with e-learning authoring tools and we provide a number of different ways to do this, from simple links to a fully customisable embedded player.

We have worked with the NHS and a number of other government organisations and providing access to video platforms can be tricky, StreamV aims to make this process simple. We have focussed on the user experience across all devices especially mobile devices given the increase in uptake in mobile learning.

Click to take a trial

[app] Home Fire Safety Referral App Making it Safer for Care Workers in Homes

The Scottish Fire Service Home Fire Safety App Created in Platforms

The Scottish FRS created the Home Fire Safety App to support Care Workers going into homes. They created a course first of all and now share this across the Care Sector in Scotland and at the end of the elearning course they offer the App.

The Home Fire Safety App comes with clear information about the risks and a decision tree which takes the care work worker through a decision process when in a home and decision points. The App encourages referral to the Scottish FRS. They have had more than 400 downloads of the App

This was easy to create in the Platforms App Authoring system and make available through the Platforms App to the public without having to create and App from scratch. They also added their videos via our stream V system



for more information or a demo email info@learnpro.co.uk

[app] Command Incidents Safely and More Effectively with the Operational Checklist App

The UK Fire Service are releasing the Operational Checklists App. Instant information, instant updates downloaded to your phone in real time.

The Platforms App lets Fire Services author the app and create programmes they want to assign to officers. Colour code the hazards, the should do's, should not do's and general safety information easily and copy your SOP information into the App

Check out the examples and try the free trail of platforms or request a service demo



[laba] LAB Advanced - Responsive e-learning on phones, tablets & desktops

Create responsive eLearning accessible to everyone - eFire Service User Group

LAB Advanced is now being used across the UK Fire and Rescue Services - Our short demo to a wide group representing the UK Fire and Rescue Services is showing the new responsive option in our online authoring tool, LAB Advanced. It is aimed to address the growing demand for access to educational material via mobile devices. LAB Advanced helps to bring your content alive with a range of interaction templates. Assessments can be done easily and video streamed no matter where.

Have a look for your self and just click the following link or scan the QR code on your mobile device:


www.labadvanced.co.uk www.efireservice.com

[laba] LAB Advanced - Click QR code to see a responsive elearning module #LT19UK

learnPro LAB Advanced exhibiting at the Learning Technologies 13th/14th Feb London

Scan this QR code or click the link below to see an example of a responsive module instantly on your phone, or visit us on the launch pad at the Learning Technologies Exhibition. 

The demo shows responsive interactions, streamed video, embedded documents, images, audio and assessments.

Developed for the NHS, UK Fire Service and Social Care organisations LAB Advanced is now launching as a standalone authoring tool.

Most of our customers are trainers and learning/development practitioners as well as subject experts. Courses are being deployed daily in the NHS at an amazing rate.

The doctors in training are the latest to use LAB Advanced to create amazing scenarios of cases which are all patient focused.

Come and see us at the stand and we can show you what it produces.